Flower child 

Life’s a little crazy, a little hectic 

It’s constantly


Moving in every which way

So pick one and go

Stop comparing and complaining

Stop hiding your gypsy self

Let it pull you and push you down the river 

For there you will find peace

You will find love

And you will find yourself
Deep under the current youre hiding 

Like moss holding onto a big rock

But your time is here

It has come

Don’t let yourself hold you back

Take what you need and hit the road little gypsy 

Because deep down you know this is where you’ll find yourself

It’s not an escape 

It’s not running away 

It’s who you are

Staying here would be damaging 

Staying here would be hiding

Staying here would be running away,

Running from the future

Running from yourself
Don’t be afraid 

Or do

But know this

To be afraid is to live

It Is to push yourself to where you wanna be 

The eyes of others may cast down on you

But fear not

They’re not like you

They don’t have a gypsy soul

They remain stagnant in their purpose 

Sitting still through the floods 

They hold tightly to the shore

But you must let go 

You must float away


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